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Our shampoo is great for all cars and provides a luxurious and great feeling lather for your car.

It is a pure shampoo engineered using nano ceramic technology where with every wash before a ceramic coating is applied and every wash afterwards, your constantly renewing and replacing the micro molecules enhancing and increasing the lifespan of your surface.

Made with only the highest premium products to give you the peace of mind that only buying a SHELBY branded product will give.

Perfect for use on cars with no ceramic coating and absolutely essential for regular cleaning on those that do.

Ideal for use on all road vehicles, RV's, watercraft, aircraft, glass and plastic surfaces.

Used at between 5 and 10% dilution through a power washer for best results. Unbelievable dwell time on the car's surface.

For best results, use through a power wash.

For bucket use, activate the suds by adding before adding water. 

This bottle is enough for 10 washes with the most luxurious suds ever!