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The ultimate product for selected performance cars

The best of its kind for high-performance cars. State-of-the-art industry-grade hardware, up-to-the-minute software, ultra modern technology (up to 7 analogue and digital channels), comprehensive safety and service package – everything a petrolhead wants.

Whether you are looking for an intensive driving experience on twisting cross-country roads, strong acceleration away from the lights or raw power on the autobahn, RaceChip GTS Black is the answer.

Additional features of the GTS Black:
  2-year engine warranty (up to 10,000 EUR)
  Warm-up timer preserving the engine
  1x re-programming if you change cars

Performance & fuel consumption

 Up to 30% more power and torque1
 Up to 15% fuel savings

Service & Warranty

  2-year engine warranty (up to 10,000 EUR)

 5-year product warranty

  1x re-programming if you change cars



Motor-specific software: v2.0_GTSBlack
7 fine tuning mappings
Engine Protect System + Warm-up timer


 ARM Cortex-M3 processor
Up to 7 analogue and digital channels
Chip electronics with Nano-Protect
Pro-grade connector (FCI)
Ultra-resistant composite housing
Pro fixing system
Dimensions (mm): L 112 x W 111 x H 36

RaceChip GTS Black chip tuning module
Wiring kit
4 fixing clips
4 cable ties
User’s manual

1 The figures quoted showing power and torque increases are index values, i.e. the real figures may be higher or lower.


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